– L.L.Bean Credit Card – To continue with the steps of card activation you have to mention the card number on the website. - L.L.Bean Credit Card – L.L.Bean Credit Card

This will get your card activated within the span of a day; you can also activate your card by calling the number- 1-877-256-9995

Check out the card activation website:

L.L.Bean Card Benefits and Rewards

You can access the following benefits and rewards by activating your L.L Bean MasterCard –

  • By using the L.L Bean MasterCard you can make both online and offline purchases with ease and convenience.
  • You can also avail free shipping on your order if you belong to Hawaii, Alaska, or the United States region. You are not even required to pay any minimum fees for getting your order shipped.
  • This free shipping opportunity is only applicable for orders above $50.
  • With the L.L Bean credit cards, the customers can enjoy the benefits of saving up to 30% on their annual products and purchases. This savings is only limited to select items and goods such as clothing and apparel, fishing gear, etc.
  • You can also access other important saving opportunities and offers on national holidays such as Memorial Day weekend etc.

You can read through the list of other L.L. Bean offers and saving opportunities in detail.

Once you read through the site in detail you can get to know about the other offers and schemes. We have only listed a few of the important ones above.

How to Activate L.L.Bean Card?

You can activate your L.L. Bean card by following the steps mentioned below. Make sure to follow these steps thoroughly to get your card activated over the L.L Bean website –

  • Firstly you have to log in to the website:
  • As soon as you enter the website you will locate an option to Apply Now, click on the option to proceed further.
  • Next, you have to enter your personal information over the website such as your postal address, name on the card, city, state, etc.
  • After entering all the information mentioned above carefully over the website choose the MasterCard that you want to activate.
  • Enter the details of the MasterCard as mentioned on the back of the card.
  • Mention your personal information again over the website and you are done with all the steps.
  • Now you just have to choose the Submit option and wait for the site to process the information.

As soon as your information is processed over the website you can expect to receive a confirmation message on your phone or e-mail. - L.L.Bean Credit Card

Rules and Regulations

  • L.L. Bean Mastercard does not charge any sort of annual fee for the maintenance of the cards.
  • The card service also guarantees to provide you with fraud coverage throughout the time that you use the L.L Bean card service.
  • There are also personalized options available on the L.L Bean cards which make it easier for you to operate your business with the MasterCard along with the transactions.
  • The company does not charge its customers for any late fees or such but the regular time for payment for the card-based purchase is within 25-29 dates at the end of the month.
  • You are liable to pay either 5% charges from your account or a $10 deduction in case of advance cash transactions.

About L.L.Bean Card

Founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in the year 1912 the L.L. Bean Corporation has been serving some of the trendiest fashion clothing and accessories to date.

The headquarters of the company is situated in Freeport, Maine which is the place where the first store of the L.L Bean Company was built.

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To conclude the benefits of the L.L Bean master card we can say that it is a great saving opportunity for the customers since there is no annual fee applicable on the card. - L.L.Bean Credit Card FAQs

  • What is the minimum age limit for applying for the L.L Bean Mastercard?

Answer – The minimum age limit is 18 years.

  • What is the annual fee charged by the Mastercard?

Answer – For the L.L Bean Mastercard you need not pay any annual fee at all.

  • Where can I activate my L.L Bean Mastercard?

Answer – You can activate your L.L Bean MasterCard at:

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