– Activate Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – Well there are multiple ways by which you can activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card. You can call on the toll-free number- 1-800-695-9478 and. - Victoria's Secret Credit Card – Activate Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Get your card authorized on the website for future use in any of Victoria’s Secret outlets.

You can log in to the official card activation website for Victoria’s Secret to get your card activated:

Victoria’s Secret Card Benefits and Rewards

The more you shop the closer you get to receiving your rewards. This is the optimum policy for Victoria’s Secret credit cards.

They reward you in terms of points that you collect on the online as well as offline shopping outlets. These points are collected in your mobile app which can earn you rewards in the future.

Check out the list of rewards for the gold, platinum, and other card holders for Victoria’s Secret:

Card Members –

  • You can earn 1 point for each dollar that you spend.
  • You can earn 250 points for spending $10.
  • On exclusive bra purchases, you can get 3x points.

Sliver –

  • You earn a point for spending $1
  • You earn 250 points for $10.
  • 3x points on bra purchases.
  • To achieve the sliver status you have to spend $250 using your Victoria’s Secret credit card.

Gold –

  • To achieve the gold status a customer must spend a minimum of $500 using their Victoria’s Secret credit card.

The benefits of using the card membership from Victoria’s Secret are pretty much the same for every card holder.

You can experience an increment in the status of your members the more you spend using your Victoria’s Secret credit card. If you spend in bulk using your card you can earn the maximum benefits from your credit card. - Victoria's Secret Credit Card

How to Activate Victoria’s Secret Card?

If we talk about the procedure of activating your Victoria’s Secret credit card it is quite simple. If you feel like activating yours.

Victoria’s Secret credit card through their calling service then you can certainly do that by calling the number- 1-800-695-1788.

If you want to follow through with the online steps for activating your card then read the steps mentioned below:

  • Enter the official site: for your Victoria’s Secret card activation.
  • Type in the account number of your credit card.
  • Mention the card expiration date, the social security number of the card, and other details in the specified columns on the website.
  • Mention your zip code or postal code on the webpage.
  • Now hit the Continue option to submit your details.

Your card shall soon be activated if you have mentioned the right details on the website. You will receive a message.

Victoria’s Secret states that your card has been activated. We suggest that you go through the website to check out the added benefits of the credit card.

Rules and Regulations

  • Using Victoria’s Secret credit cards you can shop from other sister brands of the company such as Bath and Body Works and PINK.
  • The cardholder benefits are three-tier and you can level up as you continue shopping using Victoria’s Secret credit card.
  • For earning the maximum amount of benefit from Victoria’s Secret credit card it is best suggested to use the card only if you are a regular customer of the brand.

About Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most prominent lingerie and clothing brands based in America and is known for its latest trendy. Pieces and for gender inclusivity. They offer a wide range of products and the headquarters of the brand is based in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

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If you are an avid customer of Victoria’s Secret or the other sister companies of the brand such as PINK and Bath and Body. Works, you can use the three-tier credit card benefit from Victoria’s Secret for claiming the maximum amount of benefits. - Victoria's Secret Credit Card FAQs

  • Is there an age limit for applying for Victoria’s Secret card?

Answer – The age limit for applying for the card is 18 years.

  • What is the requirement for applying for a credit card?

Answer – You can apply for the credit card if you have the legal income documents and address proof.

  • Is there a number I can call to activate my card?

Answer – You can call the toll free number- 1-800-695-9478

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