IndigoCard – Indigo Platinum Master Card –

Indigocard – The process of activating your Indigo MasterCard has now been made easier. You can get your Indigo card activated by calling the toll-free number: 1-866-946-9545. - Indigo Platinum Master Card

IndigoCard – Indigo Platinum Master Card –

If the calling process seems much like a hassle for you then worry not because we have got you covered.

Visit the URL: to get your Indigo MasterCard activated.

Benefits and Rewards

With the Indigo MasterCards, you get to enjoy the benefits of 6E rewards which we have discussed below. Keep in mind that these.

Earnings and rewards can only be claimed at select stores and restaurants as mentioned in the clause or terms and conditions of the website:

  • By flying with IndiGo and paying for the services using the Indigo MasterCard you can earn up to 2.5% credit points on your credit card.
  • On purchases and spending such as groceries, entertainment, and dining you can avail benefits of up to 1% on your card.
  • You can also earn a discounted convenience fee on IndiGo.
  • You also get access to 8 domestic air lounges by using the Indigo Mastercard.
  • You can also claim gift vouchers on air tickets, dining, and hotel staycation.

All of these exciting offers are waiting for you on the other side of card activation. Keep in mind that there is a minimum fee requirement for annual charges on the Indigo credit card.

The first-year annual fee for activating your Indigo MasterCard is $75 whereas from the following year onwards.

You are required to pay $99 every consecutive year for card maintenance. You can read further details on the site itself. - Indigo Platinum Master Card

How to Activate Indigo Platinum Master Card?

The procedure to activate your Indigo MasterCard is quite simple and hassle-free. In case you want to activate your card via.

Phone call the card gives you access to that with their toll-free number as we have mentioned earlier in this article.

If you are here for activating your card from their online portal then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Indigo card activation website by clicking on the link:
  • Next, you have to click on the register button and move forward to enter your details on the website.
  • You will have to mention your account number, your date of birth, and your social security number.
  • After you have mentioned all these details you can move forward and tap on the Next option.

This will start the process of your card activation and sooner you will receive a message from IngiGo that your credit card has now been activated for further usage.

The customers are requested to read through the guidelines mentioned on the website carefully as soon as they get their card activated.

Rules and Regulations

As of now, there are no strict guidelines mentioned on the website for rules and regulations that are to be followed by the Indigo MasterCard users.

The customers applying for the MasterCard have to go through a process of verification with their original documents and certifications.

Also, the people applying for the indigo MasterCard must be 18 or older with a stable source of income.

You can use your Indigo MasterCard on online bookings and purchases for flights and hotel bookings from select places as mentioned on the website.

About IndigoCard

The Indigo Mastercard is issued by a Utah-based Celtic bank which aims for providing less than perfect credit.

The Indigo Platinum card users can avail exciting offers and prizes also, there is something for everyone with the Indigo Mastercard.

The card is offered in customizable options which are easy to use and they can earn you bonus points or extra store credit if you use it the certain high-end restaurants or flight bookings.

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The important point to keep in mind for the Indigo Master Card is that the card requires a minimum annual maintenance fee which is $ 75 for the first month and $ 99 for the other consecutive months. - Indigo Platinum Master Card FAQs

  • How can I activate my Indigo Mastercard?

Answer – You can activate your Indigo MasterCard through the online website or by calling their toll-free number.

  • What is the minimum age requirement for activating your Indigo Mastercard?

Answer – The customers applying for the MasterCard must be 18 or above.

  • Is there an annual fee charge required for the activation of the Indigo Mastercard?

Answer – There is an annual fee charge of $ 75 required for the first year and $ 99 for the other consecutive years.

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