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Television has progressed to the point where streaming services allow fans to watch their favourite shows whenever it’s most convenient for them. Among these well-liked networks, The Learning Channel (TLC) stands out for the extensive selection of documentaries, reality shows, and instructional films it airs. Get the easy instructions at to hook up your TV to TLC and start viewing your favourite shows uninterrupted. - Link TLC TV & Activate Device

How to link TLC on your TV

Step1: Make sure the TLC app is compatible with your TV before you start. The software needs to be accessible from any smart TV, media streaming device, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. Visit the TLC app’s page in the app store to see whether your device is compatible.

Step2: You might be able to locate the TLC app on your mobile device. Download the TLC app from your device’s TV app store. Downloading and using the app will not cost you a dime.

Step3: Take part in the debate or fill out After you install the app, you’ll be asked to input your current TLC login details or create a new one. If you don’t already have an account, creating one is as simple as following the on-screen steps.

Step4: There need to be an activation code somewhere. An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen when you log in. This code is required in order to connect your gadget to your TLC account, therefore save it for later use.

Step5: Pay attention to TLC’s website. At, you may watch it on any gadget. Establish a reliable internet connection.

Step6: It is critical to input the activation code. Just enter the TV code into the designated field on the TLC activation page, then hit “Submit” or “Activate.”

Step7: After entering the activation code, follow the on-screen directions to finish the connecting procedure. Now that your TV and TLC accounts are connected, you can enjoy all of your beloved TLC episodes on a larger screen. - Link TLC TV & Activate Device

How to activate TLC on Roku

  • Start using Roku by turning on your Roku player.
  • Do a search for “TLC” on the Channels Store site.
  • On the “TLC” homepage, locate the “Add channel” button and click it. Now you can record TLC shows on your Roku streaming media device.
  • The next step is to activate Roku by going to the TLC channel. Take a picture of it, please.
  • Now, from whatever device you own, including a mobile phone, visit or You may now select to get the verification code via text message or email.
  • The “Sign In” option may be found at Roku after your Roku device has been enabled. After you’ve entered the code that shown on the screen, the next step is to log in with your TLC Pass account.

The TLC Activation Process for Amazon Fire TV

  • If you own an Amazon Fire TV, you may activate TLC by visiting
  • Launch the app on your Fire TV to start watching TLC.
  • Obtain the app on your phone and go to the settings page.
  • Then, turn on TLC on the device of your choice.
  • To begin streaming TLC on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV, click “Connect” after that.


Streaming your favourite shows on TLC has never been easier than when you connect your TV to your account. You may do this by visiting Visit the TLC support page for assistance in the event that you encounter any issues or have more inquiries. FAQs

  • Question- Am I able to access my TLC account from any device?

Answer- Absolutely no problem! Your TLC account works with a wide variety of devices. However, your membership plan’s rules will dictate the maximum number of streams that may be displayed simultaneously.

  • Question- Is TLC available to everyone outside the US?

Answer- That is due to the fact that a license carries with it certain restrictions. On the other hand, if you’re ever in an area without Wi-Fi, you can always download episodes to watch later.

  • Question- Is it possible to get TLC shows from outside the US using a VPN?

Answer- Sure. According to their terms of service, TLC does not recommend using a VPN to access their content from outside the US. This might lead to the suspension or deletion of your account.

  • Question- It appears that there is a fee associated with linking your TV to your TLC account when you visit

Answer- You may connect your TV to your TLC account for free at On the other hand, a paid membership could be necessary to access certain TLC app content.

  • Question- Does your TV still have the capability to stream TLC? I was hoping you could demonstrate the process for me to disable it.

Answer- Remove your TV from your TLC account by selecting “Sign out” or “Unlink account” in the TV app’s settings menu. You will no longer have access to TV and TLC if you forward with this.

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