Receiptify – How To Use Receiptify For Apple Music & Spotify

The receipt-like presentation of well-liked albums was inspired by the Instagram account Album Receipts.

This can be accomplished with the help of Receiptify. In reality, it’s merely a log of the music you’ve listened to, disguised as a place to make account adjustments and review your bill. The name of the song stands in for the “item” being purchased, while the length of the song stands in for the “amount.”

Receiptify - How To Use Receiptify For Apple Music

You may usually find details about the album’s personnel and copyright status near the end of the record, along with a ‘total value’ equal to the album’s running time to prove its legitimacy.

This has led to a huge fan base, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a fantastic method for us to share our love for musical collaboration with one another. Michelle Xiu created Receiptify as a more flexible replacement for Album Receipt in response to this need.

Why is Receiptify useful?

Receiptify does a lot more than just turn your favourite songs into receipts, though.

Once you log in, it will examine your playlists to determine the most frequently heard tracks and artists during a specified time frame.

The ‘receipt’ style will still list the songs you listened to and for how long, but you’ll be able to quickly narrow down the list by selecting a time range and sorting by how popular each song was within that time frame.

You can keep a copy of your receipt to share on social media or use as a price reference in the future.

It “receiptifies” all of your recent music purchases from services like Spotify and Last. Fm. Similar to earlier Spotify fads, your listening habits are analysed and printed out for you to see. 

  • There are three unique sorts of receipts that may be simply made utilizing this software. 
  • Here you may view the last 30 days of your music listening habits. 
  • A compilation of the six most popular posts on your blog.
  • The ins and outs of your favourite choices.

The source code for Receiptify can be found in the “About” section of their website. And all of the data it uses comes directly from respected institutions, so you can feel safe utilizing it.

Benefits of Receiptify

Sharing some of your favourite songs as a conversation starter is an excellent way to ease into online communities. This is a much more engaging visual experience than simply taking a picture of your playlist.

Receiptify is more than merely a social network; it’s also a music discovery tool that makes it easy to explore new artists and songs. Through the use of the purchases of friends and favored influencers can help you find new music and genres.

Laughing and imagining new things: Receiptify is a fresh way to organize your music library and shopping receipts, and it’s a lot of fun to use. Because of this, enjoying and debating music takes on the feel of a game.

How to use Receiptify

Enter your email address and password, or the credentials you use to access your preferred streaming service, and you’ll be logged in to Receiptify.

To select your preferred option, click the drop-down menu labelled “Top Tracks” or “Top Artists.”

Receiptify - How To Use Receiptify For Apple Music

Select the time range of interest from the pull-down menu (‘Last Month,’ ‘Last 6 Months,’ or ‘All Time’).

The receipt that is generated by Receiptify can be saved or printed immediately after generation.

How to use Receiptify for apple music

The music streaming services Spotify and are supported by Receiptify, but Apple Music may not be compatible.

Apple Music Receipts created the utopian music app Paradise Receipts.

Several of Receiptify’s features require an Apple Music subscription, but it’s a convenient way to share your listening history with others. The opportunity to track your listening habits and see how your taste in music evolves over time is a great perk of using a streaming service. Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped are two year-end recaps that make it simple to observe developments.

Receiptify - How To Use Receiptify For Apple Music

However, it may be more useful to monitor these shifts across shorter and more regular time periods. External websites can be a great assistance in this regard. Receiptify allows users to quickly create and access audio listening receipts. Receiptify is a mobile app that allows users to keep a receipt-style record of how often they listen to music. The main page of Receiptify will feature sign-in buttons for Apple Music, Spotify, and

Even though the service requires a login to view the music listening data associated with a given account, consumers may rest easy knowing that their information is secure thanks to Receiptify’s privacy policy. If you have an Apple Music account, just click the red “Login with Apple Music” button to sign in. Depending on the user’s iCloud security settings, two-factor authentication may be necessary. To provide permission, select the “Allow” option.

Why Receiptify Might Not Work with Apple Music Home Pod and Apple Earbuds

Users whose browsers are set to prevent pop-up windows may experience difficulties loading Receiptify. In the iPhone’s Settings app, select Safari and then toggle off the option labelled “Block Pop-ups” to enable pop-ups. To allow pop-ups in Chrome, start the browser and click your profile image in the upper right. Simply disable “Block Pop-ups” in “Content Settings.” Return to Receiptify’s Apple Music sign-in page when you’re ready to continue.

Invoice-like Receiptify documents detailing a user’s Apple Music usage are generated after a successful login. The ‘Download Image’ option just below the app makes it easy to save this Receiptify or share it on social media. The user will be given the option to see the image in their browser or save it to their computer because the image is being downloaded as a file.

Choosing ‘View’ will launch the image in the default browser, while ‘Download’ will save the image to the device’s local Files app. The Downloads folder in the Files app is a good place to start looking if the user can’t recall where the Receiptify was stored.

The way Apple stores user preferences could prevent Receiptify from syncing with an Apple Music subscription. Currently, only your ‘Heavy rotation’ listening habits are being compiled and utilized to create a “most played” playlist. Receiptify can’t make playlists for a certain time period because no time range is utilized to refine the data.

Receiptify can be used to synchronize many music streaming services, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both Spotify and Apple Music users can use it, and it has access to their listening histories. A third-party service that meticulously records user listening habits, called, is also compatible. Even if Receiptify has a better user interface than Apple Music, Spotify, and, Apple Music is still the most reliable indicator of a customer’s true musical preferences.


In addition to the user’s preferred music, these transactions might reveal the most popular artists and genres. When you enable this feature, the site will immediately print a receipt for your files.

Users of Spotify will be able to read an activity summary, much like a ticket stub from a concert. With the debut of Receiptify in September 2020, its creator Michelle Liu made it possible for Spotify users to check their purchase histories and share them with others.

Receiptify FAQs

  • Question:- Is Spotify Receiptify free?

Answer- The Spotify version of Receiptify is free to download and use. Site maintenance costs are covered by advertising revenue.

  • Question:- Why does Receiptify need access to my information?

Answer- In order to work, Receiptify has to connect to your Spotify account. Some people might find this worrying. The developer, however, promises that they will never store, collect, or share any of your data in any way.

  • Question:- Is it possible to stop allowing Receiptify to access my Spotify account?

Answer- If you don’t want Receiptify collecting data from your Spotify account, you can disable that feature. To stop using Receiptify, go to Spotify’s Manage Apps page and click the Remove Access button for the app in question.

  • Question:- Who invented Receiptify?

Answer- Receiptify was started by Michelle Liu as a standalone business. Information systems is her major at Carnegie Mellon University, where she is a student.

  • Question:- Does Receiptify only work with Spotify?

Answer- Receiptify works with popular music streaming services including Spotify,, and Apple Music.

  • Question:- How do I add Receiptify?

Answer- Your Receiptify Login information is required for access to the site. You can access Spotify’s sign-in page by clicking the “Login” button in the notice. You may check out the top songs of December, the last six months, or the last six years after selecting the appropriate receipt.

  • Question:- How do I download Receiptify Apple Music?

Answer- The “Get Image” button may be found in the top right corner of Receiptify. It’s further down the page if you scroll. The download will start automatically on the device you chose as you click the button.

  • Question:- If I have an Apple Music subscription, how do I utilize Receiptify?

Answer- If you have an Apple Music membership, you can download the app and use it.

  • Question:- How frequently do you get updated alerts?

Answer- Receiptify’s compatibility with a certain streaming service is service-specific. The statistics will be updated in tandem with your account, so you won’t have to check either one separately.

  • Question:- Why isn’t apple music working on receiptify?

Answer- Some users have claimed that they are unable to access their music library on Receiptify because Apple Music does not appear when they log in.

If this happens, it could be because your browser is configured to not display pop-up windows, which is necessary for Receiptify to function.

  • Question:- Do I need to sign up to use receiptify?

Answer- Receiptify syncs automatically with your favourite music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and, so there’s no need to sign up for yet another account.

Even if you don’t sign up for an account with Receiptify, your email and password will be shared with them.

  • Question:- What sets Receiveify apart from services like Spotify Premium and Apple Music Replay?

Answer- Like Spotify’s Wrapped and Apple Music’s Replay, Receiptify gathers information about your listening habits to give you a look back at the music you’ve listened to in the past.

Due to its lack of flexibility, Receiptify is not the best choice if you need a detailed overview of your transactions. On the other hand, your streaming provider will give you a more comprehensive breakdown of musical subgenres and your own listening habits.

  • Question:- How does Receivedify determine my statistics?

Answer- You can trust the data Receiptify imports from your streaming service account because it does not do any computations or alterations on the data.

  • Question:- How do I see the number of times a song has been played in my Receiptify history?

Answer- You need to be logged into your account before you can view your personal play count for any given song. Or, to put it another way, this isn’t Apple Music.

  • Question:- How far can I go with receiptify?

Answer- In Receiptify, you can choose between three different time periods. Monthly, semi-annual, and annual perspectives are available.

Receiptify will search as far back as your streaming service’s data goes, but you won’t be able to access this data via a search of your own creation.

  • Question:- Can a couple or family use one Receiptify account?

Answer- If you have a multi-user account, you can view aggregate data for all of your accounts.

As a result, if there are two users and one of them favours a certain music, that song will be given greater play time.

If your household shares a single subscription, please provide the information for the primary subscriber.

  • Question:- What does AMT mean on receiptify?

Answer- There is a column in the Receiptify receipt maker labelled “AMT,” which stands in for the “Amount” label on paper receipts. On the other hand, this shows the total track time in minutes while viewing Top Tracks on Receiptify. The frequency with which you’ve encountered an artist on the Top Artists list.

  • Question:- Is it possible to connect other streaming services to Receiptful?

Answer- You may use Receiptify with your Apple Music, Spotify, or account. Remember that gaining access to your data from different services will necessitate separate sign-in procedures.

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